Blue Kart is now installed on three karting tracks in Saudi Arabia

Blue Kart arrives in Saudi Arabia to offer its innovative automatic video generation system at three of the largest circuits in the country.

In mid-March, part of the Blue Quality team visited the Doos Karting and Doos Boulevard karting tracks in Saudi Arabia to complete the installation and commissioning of the Blue Kart video generation system.

Doos Karting is an indoor circuit located in the city of Riyadh, which has been in operation since 2018 and has now opted for Blue Kart to offer its customers a more complete experience. The Blue Kart system allows the karts drivers to have the video of their race and they can watch it and share it on their social networks. The Saudi circuit is able to increase revenue and promotion of its circuit as its customers share their personalized video footage on their social networks, where they tag the circuit. Users of social networks such as Instagram or Youtube can see their friends’ races, see the circuit’s facilities and get an idea of what the experience inside Doos Karting would be like.

On the other hand, Osool Entertainment, the company that owns Doos Karting, has just opened the doors of Doos Boulevard Karting in the Boulevard Riyadh City shopping area.

The new karting facility features two circuits, one indoor for junior karts and one outdoor circuit for senior karts. This section of the circuit is characterized by its large size, in fact, it is the largest in the country.

Doos Boulevard has also decided to install the cameras and the Blue Kart system in order to give more added value to the kart racing experience in its circuits, both indoor and outdoor. The Blue Kart cameras adapt to indoor environments where lighting is a key factor, but they also adapt to outdoor circuits such as Doos Boulevard, where weather conditions can be adverse given the high temperatures in the city of Riyadh.

Both circuits already have Blue Kart’s cameras installed and the system integrated with its management software, ready for all its customers to take away a personalized video of their race.

Blue Kart increases the profitability of the circuit and provides the drivers with a complete experience that they can relive whenever they want by viewing the recording of their race as many times as they wish. In addition, they can share it with their family and friends directly or through social networks. This increases the promotion of the circuit in an organic way, i.e. without the need to invest in advertising budgets.

With the installation of Blue Kart in the Saudi Arabian circuits, Blue Quality starts an internationalization process to bring its video generation system with artificial intelligence to all foreign markets.