Blue Kart integrates with the main karting circuit management software in the world

Blue Kart has managed to integrate with the main karting circuit management and control software worldwide. Companies such as SMS Timing, Apex Timing, Race Facer or Pixelcom already have a development completely adapted to Blue Kart. These software programmes have managed to integrate this innovative video generation system which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, not only records the images of the circuit but also produces and edits automatically, without human intervention, totally personalized videos for the karting track customers.

With these integrations, Blue Kart enables karting circuits to increase their sales and improve their promotion, offering a product that can be sold to drivers in the form of cross-selling, without modifying the usual operations of the karting staff and without dedicating additional resources. Thanks to this integration, go-karts will be able to offer a more complete experience to their customers.

Blue Kart uses artificial intelligence to identify the karts, knows the times and positions of each driver during the race, selects the best shots of the track, generates videos and sends them fully produced, by email. The drivers receive their video souvenir of the experience ready to share on their social networks, which increases the promotion of the karting circuit.

And the great advantage of this system is that it does this automatically without the need for human intervention.

Furthermore, the integration of Blue Kart with karting management software, such as SMS Timig, Race Facer or Pixelcom, means that once the cameras have been installed, not only can videos be offered to the drivers, but they also allow for the streaming of the races, among many other services.

The integration of Blue Kart with the main global karting circuit management programmes is part of Blue Quality’s internationalization strategy. The integration of its Blue Kart product with the main karting management softwares has offered it the possibility of being present in practically all the karting tracks in the world.